Welcome to Nayi Umeed

We are a dedicated team representing the youth and the efforts it can make to make a better Nation.

  • Our Aim

    To create a better place of living by creating socialism and arranging funds to servi needy.

  • Our Vision

    A peaceful nation where everyone offers and extends their support to others and exhibit Humanity.

  • Our Mission

    To stand for the needy and support them so that they can avail better opportunities in life.

  • Our Strategy

    Working together as a team to awareness about the importance and need of love, peace and support.


About Nayi Umeed

Nayi Umeed is a Non Profit Organisation founded by a group of fourteen students from eight different states of India. The organisation was established on 22nd Aug 2014 and is registered under society registration act XXI of 1860.

It aims to aware people socially and make an effort to educate children from poor background. Average age of all the member of this organisation were 20 at the time of registration which make it youngest NGO team of India.


Your contribution can create a new life.

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Our Projects

The NGO aims to fulfill its objectives by staying active in various projects dedicated to create funds and aawareness for the poor and the needy.

  • Shaheed Major Nitin Bali Social Awareness Project

    India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. What’s worse, 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness. To answer this critical issue, the project was launched on 7th nov 2014 and an eye donation pledge camp was Organised in SKIET college campus Kurukshetra. All the staff and student participated in that camp and pledged to donate eyes after death and will motivate other to donate eyes.


    This project was launched to make India green . we named our project after amrita devi to pay tribute to her. Trees are very important part of the planet to provide beauty or shade. There are sundry perspectives of trees in human life such as social, communal, environmental and economic. I am going to describe the major benefits of trees in human life. Trees offer everything which is required by human such as Air, food, house, cloth, energy and beauty. Day by day ozone layer is depleting, to save it from depletion plantation is necessary. We planted about 2000 tree and decided to plant 10000 tree up to may 2107.


    Childhood is perhaps the most blessed stage in a human life. It is that phase of life where, children are not really aware of any form of worldly responsibilities, they are free from all the tensions and they can learn a whole lot of new things. No wonder, people keep having this wistful desire of going back to their childhood and relive all those beautiful memories. But there is other side to this phase and in that, many children are forced to work in inhumane conditions. This phase is also known by “child labor” where a child is full of tensions and burdens and he has to perform the tough job of being primary earning member of the family. To save the child from trafficking and labour we launched this project, currently we are working in kurukshetra to diminish child labour.


    Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. Yet many children in need around the world do not get a quality education where they can learn and develop. To advance learning, We supports education programs for children in the classroom and at home. We train teachers to engage their students through more effective teaching practices. We offer ways for parents and community volunteers to get kids reading and doing math outside of school hours. We introduce children to the power of artistic expression — drawing, painting, music, drama, dance and more to help them heal, learn and do better in school.


    Women in India consistently lag behind the men in terms of access to education, health care, jobs etc. Apart from the economic and social inequality, women in India are victims of heinous crimes such as, dowry deaths, rape, molestation and immoral trafficking. Unless drastic measures are taken to improve female literacy, create skills and capability among women for enabling them to stand on their own feet and care for themselves and family, it will be difficult for India to prosper as a nation. To gave women wings we launched this project.

Voice of the Top Governors

No team can run without a well maintained hierarchy with duties distributed among all members to ensure perfect workflow and also inviting new opportunities to rise together. Here we present the words of our top governing members that inspires our team.

Everyone has a purpose in life , a unique gift a special talent to gift to other. When we blend this unique talent with service to other we experience the blessedness, which is the ultimate goal of my life.

The journey began in 2012 when i went to Bangalore for an examination with one of my relative. It was the first journey from my home state. Almost I went through 10 states during this journey and observed lack of education everywhere as many children were begging and eating waste food.

At the time of engineering, me and my friend were going down the bridge to eat bread when we saw the poor child picking rags. I was pained to see that due to lack of education what children were doing. We talked to them & fed them, we felt good to see them happy. We decided to do something for them. After coming back to the hostel, we decided to form a organisation for the poor people. Our dream transformed into reality, I am most proud that our NGO registered on 22nd Aug 2014 with only Rs. 1000 in hand.

The reality of Indian education is that everyone want government job but no one wants to send their children in government school . India has one-third of the world’s illiterate population and 21.9% of its population is below its official poverty limit. High population growth rate is one of major reasons of poverty in India. This further leads to high level of illiteracy, poor health care facilities and lack of access to financial resources. Also, high population growth affects the per capita income and makes per capita income even lower. In India we have more phone connectivity than sewage connectivity. We want to see India where every citizen have at least basic facilities like sanitation, food, house , water. To kill evils of literacy and poverty there is only one sword: EDUCATION. PEN IS MIGHTER THAN SWORD A FAMOUS QUOTE.

I was born in a middle class family and I spent my Childhood in poverty but my parents work hard to fulfill my every desire and never let me feel the poverty.

After completing my schooling when i was moving to kurukshetra fro my bachelor degree , on my way i came across children begging for money . I was very hurt at what i was seeing. One day me and my friend went to have some bread, on the way we came across few children picking up rags from the waste dumps then we approached the children and came to know to feed their family and themselves they does this work. After knowing this tears burst out from my eyes. So me and friends feed some breads to them . At that night in hostel we decided to do something for our society. As there are many children begging picking up rags so that they can feed themselves . With this thought we came with idea to register a NGO namely NAYI UMEED and on 22nd Aug 2014 we successfully registered a national level NGO in Delhi.

Now I have found my life goal and i feel ecstasy and excitation of my spirit and I hop that my dreams to make India beggar free comes true.

Thank you all for showing faith in me and Give me a platform to work selflessly for Others, in my Opinion "A Life Not lived for others is Not a life. If we want to see the change, we have to become the change." Our country needs us, Country gives us freedom now its our responsibility to do something for Our country & for the needy people. I'm giving my best to make my life less Ordinary, Are you??

Meet our team

We feel proud to have a dedicated team of youngsters who have taken an oath to create a better society by serving at their best.


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What people say about us

Nayi umeed is a hope of humanity and the way it is bringing slum children up is worth doing on this earth. and I would like Nayi uneed to touch the sky for poor people.


Mr. Sourav Nainwal

Director,I CAN Institute

If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference.




Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. NAYI UMEED is group of young mind and serving the society without any expectation.



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